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The perfect evening outfit?

The perfect evening outfit?

This weekend, you have a long-time planned evening! And for the occasion, you decided to choose a special evening outfit... Your choice is made: it will be a dress! But you have trouble deciding on the guy? Wondering if you can actually wear the dress you want at your aunt's birthday party, or when opening this hyper-trendy box? Well don't worry anymore: BOOTICCA is here! Small article to help you make the right choice according to your tastes and the type of evening! Evening in a box of nights, Gala, or family... You want to shine in your pretty evening dress, but beware: on every occasion her dress! Indeed, we do not choose the same dress, depending on whether we spend the evening with family, even distant, or between girlfriends to dance on the tables! Then make the right choices!
Family evening attire: stay chic!
To have style and avoid the remarks of your old conservative aunt, we advise you to opt for the good old little black dress! Indeed, this timeless does not end up coming to our rescue when we really do not know, but really not what to put! Accessorize it according to your tastes, with a nice silver jacket, a pouch and some jewels, and the trick is played! The little black dress is the indispensable of your wardrobe, we tell you!
With friends, dare everything!
If you want to test a more original outfit that you didn't dare to go out to Grandma's birthday, this is the time! You can afford everything, so go ahead! A little more daring dress? Cleavage? A little transparency or color juxtaposition? Have fun testing "the" look that will make you feel good! The important thing is that you find yourself beautiful!
Nightclub rhymes with... Sexy!
If you want to play it sexy, the nightclub is the perfect place! Play it glitter or sequins to shine with a thousand lights, and if you are a follower of high heels, make sure that they will be able to accompany you at the end of the night without making you suffer, so neither too high nor trops down! Or at least plan in your little bag of ballerinas to be donning quickly as soon as you can! And don't hesitate to try the looks that come out of the ordinary!
Do you have your outfit? Bravo!
Once you've finally found the outfit of your dreams, think about caring for your makeup! To be on top, your complexion must be perfect! Choose your favorite lipstick, the one that will put your mouth in value, and think of sliding it in your purse for possible alterations! Hairdressing level, dare the accessory: Barrettes, headbands, scarf... Everything is allowed! There is no doubt: you will definitely be the most beautiful to go dancing!

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